$500 to run on last year’s MacOS X? Nuance- Shame on You!

So, on the verge of MacOS 10.11, Nuance finally offers an update to run on MacOS 10.9 and 10.10. For $500?!!! Really? We Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac users are really bent over on this. And I’ll bet, it’s still totally incompatible with Microsoft Word 2011.  I should just retire early from Medicine.  Between this and Obamacare mandates, early retirement sure looks better and better.  Thanks Nuance for shuttering another doctor’s office.


Shame on you Nuance for Dragon Dictate Medical v3.0.5

Every single day at work, I have to put up with Dragon Dictate Medical, currently at v3.0.5, on MacOS 10.9.4.

Every day, I have to deal with crashing if I ever make the mistake of moving from their notepad ap to a Microsoft Word document to copy and paste without turning off recognition and then clicking on the desktop to go to Finder before then going to Word.

Every day, I have to put up with it’s refusal to recognize corrections of the exact terms and phrases that it gets wrong 100% of the time, despite multiple attempts to train those specific phrases.

Every day, I look for an update with bug fixes.  Sadly, it never happens.  It took nearly 3 years to get a version of Dragon Dictate that would run on MacOS 10.6, when Apple was shipping MacOS 10.9.

Does anyone at Nuance have any pride in their work?  I would be ashamed to have my name associated with such shoddy work.