Shame on you Nuance for Dragon Dictate Medical v3.0.5

Every single day at work, I have to put up with Dragon Dictate Medical, currently at v3.0.5, on MacOS 10.9.4.

Every day, I have to deal with crashing if I ever make the mistake of moving from their notepad ap to a Microsoft Word document to copy and paste without turning off recognition and then clicking on the desktop to go to Finder before then going to Word.

Every day, I have to put up with it’s refusal to recognize corrections of the exact terms and phrases that it gets wrong 100% of the time, despite multiple attempts to train those specific phrases.

Every day, I look for an update with bug fixes.  Sadly, it never happens.  It took nearly 3 years to get a version of Dragon Dictate that would run on MacOS 10.6, when Apple was shipping MacOS 10.9.

Does anyone at Nuance have any pride in their work?  I would be ashamed to have my name associated with such shoddy work.


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